Adam Azad - Retroactive Contributor Proposal - April 1st - May 31st 2021


This Contributor Proposal was to be posted soon after the expiration of the Contributor Proposal for Q1 2021.

In this worker proposal, I will be adjusting my experience level from a 3 to 4. After reviewing my scope of contribution and past work, Martin suggested that it is appropriate at this time to raise my level due to the value of my contributions to Mesa. Moving forward, I will continue and be held responsible for providing contributions to Mesa and the community at this level.


Please refer to the Background section of Contributor Proposal for Q1 2021

Timeframe and Scope


April 1st to May 31st, 2021

Proposed Scope of Contribution

  • Goals:
    • Development of the Mesa ecosystem including products, vision, and tokenomics.
    • Help onboard new developers for Mesa since I am going part-time starting June 1st.
    • Work on Mesa SDK (first proposed here).
  • Responsibilities:
    • Review PRs on mesa-interface since I would be more focused on smart contracts and integration. In May, I shall go back to coding on the frontend.
    • Focus on the subgraph updates with the new release of Mesa smart contracts.
    • Coordinate the delivery of the MVP with Martin Krung.
    • Write developer and contribution documents for the Mesa ecosystem. We have 5+ active repos on GitHub.
    • Integrate the contracts on the front end.
    • Review and submit general improvements to the contracts.


  • Did well
    • The delivery of Mesa SDK. The multicalls the SDK provides will save many steps in building the Mesa Dashboard.
    • A better understanding of the Mesa smart contracts. Not just how it works, but to develop on top of the current release. My goal is to think about tokenomics for Mesa.
    • I am the Mesa Subgraph Jedi now. Been diving in the contracts deep and the graph docs
    • Provide a better IDE for future potential developers in Mesa through some contributions Martin mentioned in his Tweetstorm :slight_smile:
    • Communication with the Mesa team and the DAO members in general. Fun fact: I was on a date in Amman and got carried out, and didn’t produce much for that day. You know, it’s life and happens. I later communicated this to my squad as code of conduct. Life happens, you know :smiley:
  • Did okay
    • DevOps and contribution documents are something I wanted to focus on as my last month full-time, knowing that I have to hand over the workload to new developers. The current docs are sufficient but lack great technical details I want to elaborate on over the next coming weeks.
    • Helping Martin with the sprint management. I am not a certified PM/PO, but I have helped him when I could.
  • Improve on
    • Fix the silo situation in the squad. This is something we’ve noticed in the squad. It’s a collective effort to be transparent and communicative.
    • Time estimations and promises to Squad Leader. I am somehow over-optimistic about a delivery, but manage to deliver 80-90% of what I promised to deliver for the given sprint (we use Scrum Kanban via Trello at Mesa). We switched to Zenhub with GitHub integration to give estimates for tasks. It should help us stay focused.
    • Over-committing to certain technical blocks. We had PRs open for more than 4-6 days sometimes, which means deviation of the sprint target.

Proof of work on GitHub


  • Experience Level: 4
  • Time commitment: Full-time (100%
  • 14,000 DAI: For 2 months of work at level 4 to be paid in one retroactive payout proposal.
  • 19.12 DXD: Vested for 2 years with a 1-year cliff starting April 1st, 2021. 9.56 DXD per month.
  • 5,143.2 REP: For 2 months of work, to be paid in two retroactive payout proposals.

Work Experience


Can’t wait to have you back full-time! :four_leaf_clover: