Adam Azad - Contributor Proposal May to June 2022

I am submitting a proposal for current ongoing and future contributions to DXdao that started on May 1st, 2022, and will end on June 30, 2022. This proposal extends the role as a contributor for another two months.

Some of these services are being administered through Caney Fork LLC and so this is a payout proposal to CaneyFork.eth. A separate proposal will request the outstanding REP balance.


  • Contribute to Q2 2022 Swapr roadmap.
  • Support running and maintaining DXD buyback off-chain services.
  • Represent and give updates on Swapr on DXdao Dev Community weekly calls
  • Onboard new developers to Swapr.
  • Prepare release proposal instructions for Swapr and DXstats. Previous notes used by the community can be seen on the DXdao’s Mainnet base.


  • Improve Swapr’s Dapp codebase health. This topic has been on my radar for so long now, without much bandwidth to pursue it. Diogo brought it up again, and now I’m confident we can formalize a plan together.
  • Help with Uniswap v3 Eco Router integration. Jorge is mostly investigating this topic, but I am available to help get more confident with working with contracts and integrating this.
  • Coordinate efforts with SpaceInch to review and finish Eco Bridge. Daniel and the team have done an amazing job, and there’s still more.

Compensation and Timeframe

May 1, 2022, to June 30, 2022, with full-time capacity; 40 hours/week.

Under the new DXdao Pay Structure Update - December 2021 proposal, and based on the newest worker compensation guidelines, I am identifying as a Level 6 Contributor:


  • $8,000 in USDC/DAI
  • $6,000 in DXD, using the 30-day average for DXD price, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
  • 0.1667% REP to adamazad.eth


  • $8,000 in USDC/DAI
  • $6,000 in DXD, using the 30-day average for DXD price, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
  • 0.1667% REP to adamazad.eth

Looking forward to improve the codebase health with you and the team. :muscle:


Adam is a great contributor and a great developer. An awesome person to work with!


I want to amend this proposal to include the following section:

Netlify extra build minutes for April, May, and June of 2022. In addition to the build minutes, I added one additional team member as of June 2022. The extra member is an email/password credential. It is available to the Swapr team to access and error deployment logs.

The above receipts sum to $7 + $7 + $31.9 = $45.9 in DAI/USDC.


Recap of this proposal; in no particular order

Did Well:

  • Uniswap v3 support in EcoRouter. The community feedback was ok
  • Reviewing EcoBridge PR from SpaceInch.
  • Dev Community Highlights. It’s more or less a weekly newsletter about everything happening with Swapr

Did okay

  • SDK releases happen in faster sprints.
  • Onboarding Jorge: one of my reviewers in the bi-anuual review was Jorge. Yet, I think we can do a better job in onboarding new developers.

Needs improvement:

  • Reduce time between releases: It took 56 days between Beta 12 and Beta 13. But it took 28 days between Beta 13 and Beta 14. This is not ideal and can be better. My goal for the next proposal is a stable release every 15 days on average.