Adam Azad - Contributor Proposal March - April 2022 (late)

I am submitting a proposal for current ongoing and future contributions to DXdao that started on March 1st, 2022, and will end on April 31st, 2022. This proposal extends the role as a contributor for another two months. This proposal is late, hence I will request a payout for March first, and then April when the former passes.

Some of these services are being administered through Caney Fork LLC and so this is a payout proposal to CaneyFork.eth. A separate proposal will request an outstanding REP balance.

Timeframe and Scope

March 1, 2022, to April 31, 2022, with full-time capacity.

Proposed Scope of Contribution

  • Swapr Development
    • Contribute to Swapr development and roadmap in Q1 2022 which were shifted to Q2 2022.
    • Integrate 0x in Swapr’s Eco Router.
    • Integrate CowSwap in Eco Router.
  • DXdao Buyback
    • Maintain GPv1 off-chain services for the period of the proposal.


Under the new DXdao Pay Structure Update - December 2021 proposal, and based on the newest worker compensation guidelines, I am identifying as a Level 5 Contributor:

  • March compensation:
    • $7,000 in USDC/DAI
    • $5,000 in DXD, using the 30-day average for DXD price, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
    • 0.1667% REP to adamazad.eth
  • April compensation:
    • $7,000 in USDC/DAI
    • $5,000 in DXD, using the 30-day average for DXD price, vested for 3 years with one year cliff
    • 0.1667% REP to adamazad.eth


So far, this is what I have contributed, in no particular order.


On top of the above, all my day-to-day duties can be tracked on GitHub:

DevConnect and ETHAmsterdam Hackathon

  • Been much more active as a DXdao contributor. I networked with a few founders who might reach out to the DAOtalk forums to discuss partnerships. Examples include Valhalla Network and Superfluid.
  • Been to MEV day, and met Ed Felten, founder of Offchain Labs. We discussed decentralizing the sequencer and DXdao could potentially participate as a DAO!
  • We won the hackathon! Our project Nimi.eth was a finalist, and it’s a working product in Alpha. My next proposal will devote some time to Nimi and its development roadmap. Already been approached by a few angel investors and VC firms who expressed interest in investing in Nimi.


Did Well

  • Devoting more time and focus on Swapr
  • Swapr repo organizations and dev environment setups.
  • Swapr developm

Did Okay

  • Eco Router updates are yet to be implemented in the front-end due to some technical blocks, which I am working on in the next proposal. This includes Curve on GC, and GPv2 due to wrapping and some UX roadblocks.

Need to improve

  • Swapr releases: our release last release was on March 22nd, 2022; a month + 2 days after Feb 20th release. I do not call this an agile framework at the moment, and definitely looking to improve our releases.
  • Proposals: I am LATE by a good margin this time. 2 months despite being full-time. Also, I tend to bundle payments which are bad for myself as well and add another layer of risk.

It has been lovely to work with Adam and he has been extremely proactive when it comes to solving issues in times of crisis, just noting a few in no particular order :slight_smile:

  • Solving multichain snapshot
  • Fixing subgraph issue on cancelled campaign
  • Fixing subgraph for fetching more than the initial 100, causing campaigns not to show up

A special note on helping the team along with Daniel from SpaceInch to run detailed code reviews on changes.

Glad to meet him in person in Amsterdam and hope to build more awesome features together in months to come.