About the NecDAO

Welcome to the necDAO, DAOtalk thread. This will serve as a community hub for discussion relating to proposals, the functioning of necDAO and everything in between. We also welcome general discussion surrounding DAO technology and development.

What is necDAO?

For some background, read the Nectar 2.0 whitepaper hereor head to the necDAO landing page, which will include all important links to participate and learn more.

necDAO is the decentralised nerve-centre of Nectar, launching with c. 17,000 ETH and a mission to serve the Nectar and DeversiFi ecosystems. Nectar token holders who have staked their Nectar will be the primary members of necDAO, being in full control of available funds.

Proposals can span a wide range of areas including development work for new features or user interfaces, content, marketing and creative work, industry research, community events, market-making subsidies, and anything else outside of the box and in between.

What is the Nectar/necDAO back story?

It was Ethfinex who first developed Nectar - a utility token designed to serve the Nectar ecosystem. They built innovative governance tools and collected 50% of trading fees which were pledged to market makers of the exchange. In August 2019, Ethfinex closed their doors for good, coinciding with the launch of a brand new entity - DeversiFi.

It is the guiding north star of DeversiFi to build infrastructure that facilitates the emergent transition to a new, open and decentralised world. In that light, DeversiFi carried on the Nectar torch for Ethfinex, keeping it alight and assigning the remaining 17,000 ETH (collected as rewards by Ethfinex) to Nectar holders through the DAOstack built necDAO. It is this legacy, and these funds, that underpin necDAO.

Key Dates:

18.12.19: Bootstrap Phase Begins

18.01.20: Redemption Phase Begins

24.01.20: Governance Phase Begins

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