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What is Giveth 2.0

Once upon a time, the world became very disappointed with how opaque charity was, and then Giveth one was started. They tried to make major things happen but the tech wasn’t ready and in the end it wasn’t sustainable. The DApp was made but it never really took off, and then, Amin came in and cleaned it up to the point it wasn’t Beta anymore! At the same time, on the other side of the globe a young college student was working on his own startup and he had the same realization: charities kinda suck! He spent 6 years on those startups and they got acquired and then he spun up his new start up Coz at ETH Denver and the world agreed it needs to exist. He met Griff, and Giveth 2 was born. Luckily, the Odyssey hackathon had collected many incredible like minds and hug-loving souls like James Farrell who took charge of the development process. Eylon, a DAO master jumped in to make sure everything will be decentralized. And, at the same time, a guy named Marko who worked on Giveth 1.0 and was so eager to push this amazing project to the public, beyond the crypto space, and was really sad to see it hit a wall, lacking resources. After a well timed hibernation he was really happy to join Giveth 2.0


  • Giveth’s success is a function of the open community. Do the Right Thing… and get rewarded. Meritocratic (the best ideas/projects/contributors rise to the top based on community support)
  • Newcomers are always welcomed. (alternative take on this: Freedom. Freedom for all to join, donate, raise funds, contribute, share ideas.)
  • Our hands are invisible. We make decisions with the goal of maximizing information, competition, and transparency (and avoid decisions that negate)

Are you ready?

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