About the Almonit category

Almonit is the gateway to Dwebsites (Decentralized websites).

We created a browser extension to access Dwebsites, and a search engine to discover Dwebsites. Currently we’re working on a decentralized publication platform to publish articles in a Dwebsite technology.


Almonit first started as our hobby in February 2019. This is when we created a decentralized blog and published an article, 'How To Create A Decentralized Website". From this point, we slowly became more serious about the project, step by step.

In June 2019 we published a browser extension for accessing Dwebsites. We used every known trick to keep the extension as decentralized as possible. For example, gateways are being chosen randomlly, setting updates is done via IPFS.

In January 2019 we released a decentralized search engine for Dwebsites. We maintain it ever since, and get to see how the Dwebsite sphere grow from a few dozens to a thousands Dwebsites.

Now we are working on our next step: a decentralized publication system for articles in the Dwebsites technology. This time we take things even more extreme, and not only decentralize the technology, but also decentralized the government of the platofrm using a DAO.

To follow us, contribute or help, read this forum, or come to:

Matrix/Element group: channel #almonit:dev.almonit.club

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoAlmonit

Email: contact@almonit.club