A Proposal to Crowd-Source and Make Transparent Communication Channel Moderation

I posted this proposal:


I’d love to have a discussion about it here (rather than via Disqus) if anyone is interested.

So here we are, 9 days later, and nobody has any opinion at all on this?
Is it good?
Does it suck?
Is it stupid?
Is it useful?

I’m not taking it personally. There haven’t been any other posts to this sub-forum in 9 days. Did Trump nuke a couple countries and we haven’t figured it out yet?

Where is the chatter (and the votes - up or down)?

@papa_raw @Kate @Grace @Eylon @FelipeDuarte @Luuk @Lior
(just picking folks who are usually active in the Telegram or GenSquad)

I think it’s a non-issue given the current state of the channels.

I never did understand this reply, but I wanted to wait until it passed/failed.
What is “the state” of the channels, and why does the state matter for an idea about how to govern a system in general?