A (partially) on-chain wiki for Genesis

Thanks! Do you mind if I watched the design process somewhere? :slight_smile:
Like when in hospitals where there is this glass cabin to watch surgeons take spleens out?!


yes @jossbot, definitely!


Thanks! Iโ€™m on telegram with this same UN, find me? :partying_face::star_struck::partying_face::star_struck:

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Hello there community!

We have been working full-time on the Underscore Protocol and exclusively focused on the multi-perspective wiki for 3+ months now and we are close to having a deliverable.

At the same time, Genesis funding has been re-framed and itโ€™s possible there wonโ€™t be enough funds to cover for the second payment of our work as originally agreed.

We asked for funds for 9 full-time weeks, and got paid 9,000 DAI for the first 5 weeks. The payment for the other 4 weeks (7,200 DAI) is still pending.

Among dOrg and _Prtcl, we have definitely already dedicated that amount of work and more, and are fully committed to delivering something as soon as we have it stable. Note that we depend on this delivery for progressing with our vision of enabling GIT-like web3 powered processes as a co-creation tool.

We are here asking for the second payment to avoid the scenario in which Genesis runs out of funds and we cannot be covered by our work and dedication.

Thank you all and keep up! Creating new stuff is slow, uncomfortable and sometimes painful. But thatโ€™s how it is. There is a long and amazing road ahead even if we are not able to see it clearly on a daily basis.



Great stuff guys!

It seems like you are going to make the cut :slight_smile: in the last Genesis funding round :slight_smile:

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