A 24-hr event to bring the DAO to Scandinavia / ART RESIDENCY PROJECT 👽

Hej hej!
Tapping into these Genesis goals for November:

  • Developing the DAO ecosystem in general (in our case, to art and to another social network),
  • Showing Genesis as an incubator of governance experiments,

we, Sofia & Joss at PERSONA NON GRATA, are considering the next art-in-residency proposal and would love your say.


Our idea is to have humans dictating a 24-hr experiment through social media, telling us what to do and where to go from a set of locations, questions, tools, decisions, and situations–– the result being a mystery: a decentralized piece of art decided by the Genesis DAO and produced in Copenhagen :smiley::monkey::crystal_ball:

If you’ve read about our Laboratory of Donated Dreams, you may remember the oracle–technicians.
These futuristic lab technicians [us] are the mediums that people will use to create the art piece.

  • The construction and the result will be decided via Instagram (polling tool) and perhaps Twitter (if someone knows how to bridge this to making quick decisions using Genesis, we need your brain and we are open),
  • Interactions with an audience will be every two hours or so (gulp), so all human time zones are covered;
  • We will work in the forum a week before in order to decide only What will be built.
  • The outcome, if digital, can be used by anyone in the DAO. If physical, shared.
  • We will need about 2,700 EUR that will cover our time for two days, our assistant for one, travel and moving around, material.

If you want to swim deeper into the experience we want to create, please do! This is the life we will be performing:

“Another day at the lab! Our work shift is from noon to noon; we have reassembled our laboratory in the human city of Copenhagen, having relocated from the human city of Barcelona, where our last assignment –to collect hallucinations– was.
Our client is online, and has stated that, due to the nature of the creation, we must assemble it in parts while building on all previous parts. We shall move, travel, ask, wiggle, print, make.”



  • One (1) day before to gather material and encourage participation online.


  • Twenty four (24) hours in Copenhagen, interacting and making,
  • Sharing the story online on Instagram via our assistant & Twitter (if someone from the DAOstack team is interested)

Through a 24-hr event whose goal is to bring the DAO to Scandinavia through art production and interactive performance, we are very interested in contributing to communications and validate some of these assumptions:

  • “Stories of happenings in the Genesis DAO are interesting for social media”
  • “Jumping into Instagram communications is interesting”
  • “Digital events are interesting and worthwhile”
  • “Having new content to distribute on Twitter is interesting”
  • “If people engage, these dynamics could lead to new types of replicable digital events for Genesis/DAOstack”
  • “Putting together an event that only needs to be communicated is helpful”

We would love to make this message clear:

“In experimental governance spaces, you can collectively create beyond processes: you can decide how art gets produced. Making decisions towards creation is possible today, and we can go beyond social networks for this: you could jump into DAOs, and this one in particular."

Anyway, we cross our fingers that someone is listening and feeling something xoxo