3Box and Genesis: Help Us With Some Important Changes to Your Alchemy Profile

A concept mock of Alchemy’s new personal feeds feature that is being developed.

Currently the DAOstack team is working towards implementing personal feeds, per the Q4 Alchemy Roadmap. However, in order to implement feeds, 3Box profiles must first be implemented. Prior to a complete implementation in Alchemy, the DAOstack product team, lead by @alexz, would like Genesis to submit feedback and error test the implementation. We will invite GenDAO folks to test 3box by verifying themselves, and to submit their bug reports and feedback here. I have included a short verification tutorial lower in this post to help folks verify themselves through Twitter.

The test site is available here: https://threebox-feed.herokuapp.com/

The following changes in Alchemy will occur:

:warning: All profiles on Alchemy should break, with people’s names disappearing. This is potentially an issue for Genesis members, as a proposal was recently passed requiring pseudonymous naming.

:star: You will have the chance to look photoshoot fresh, as you can upload your picture to your 3Box profile.

:wink: For now, this is a skinny implementation of 3box/Alchemy integration, and only the “name” and “description” fields transfer over (in addition to your photo and Twitter/Github verification).

Verification Tutorial

Moving forward Twitter and GitHub identity verification can be done through 3Box. A short tutorial:

1/ Navigate to your profile in the upper-right hand corner of Alchemy.

2/ Click “Verify Twitter through 3box” or “Verify Github through 3box”

3/ You will be taken to the 3box site. From here, navigate to the “Details” page and click “Edit” in the upper-right hand corner.

4/ Enter your username for the account you’d like to verify. For me, I chose Twitter.

5/ You should be directed to a screen like so.

6/ Follow the remaining prompts to verify. Congratulations, your new Alchemy profile should look like so!


So we are back to forcing users to verify themselves through social media in order to participate in GenDAO? The proposal simply says:

The main reason for this proposal is to improve sensemaking and transparency within Genesis 1.0 (ie, we would not slash any Rep in Genesis Alpha)

Currently, there are many “No Profile” accounts, which makes it challenging from an accountability perspective, and transparency perspective when looking at who voted on that proposals.

Here it looks like you are wiping the Alchemy name system and making users use a separate system that requires additional verification in order to participate? I’m confused how you get from “no profile = bad” to “verify via twitter now”. Where can I see the evolution of this decision to better understand what to expect?

Hey Ivan,

The 3box integration is not related to GenDAO’s governance.

There was no decision made, and you are not required to use it. GenDAO is simply apt at testing new features, and that’s why we’re asking for help.

Sorry, I wasn’t commenting on the tool exactly, but rather I was referring to this ^^^
Will I be able to go back into my profile and fix this once it breaks? The proposal specifically says “no more no-profile” people. How do we re-establish out names once Alchemy breaks the profile system?

Yes, and you don’t have to verify via 3box to do this :v:

Perfect. I was under the impression from the “warning” that it meant we would need to use some separate system to re-establish our profiles, hence my “what will that system require…” response.

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When? What happens if I have a proposal that has been approved but funds weren’t yet transferred to my metamask?

I don’t have a timeline from the product team yet, but likely in the next two weeks.

Nothing. Your Alchemy name is an interface identifier for an address, not the blockchain address itself. No worries!

:star: We are initiating the test. Please use https://threebox-feed.herokuapp.com/ to register your new 3box profile. Submit feedback to this thread!