3AC Handoff of Services

This proposal suggests handing the following services over to the DXgov team, as suggested in this post:

  • 3AC Alchemy (Vercel)
  • 3AC Security Bot (DigitalOcean Droplet)
  • 3AC DXD Redemption

The 3AC DXD Redemption implementation monorepo is available here: 3AC · GitHub and an audit slot is reserved (cost: $5k) with a first report delivered within 1 week of the decision / delivery to undertake the audit.

While all three members of 3AC are currently DXdao contributors to some capacity (all part-time) the above services fall outside of our regular responsibilities at DXdao and all 3AC work has been done beyond each contributors regular responsibilities. Moreover, Dave and Adam are transitioning to Nimi FT at the end of February - considering the confusion around whether or not 3AC should be compensated for its work, lack of transparency claims etc. it simply doesn’t make sense for 3AC to run these services at cost and deal with all the coordination required.

As all these services fall under the DXgov / Governance umbrella and as suggested by Ross we’d like to take the steps to hand these over to the DXgov team.

Please provide instructions to do so - we plan to shutdown 3AC hosted solutions at the end of February which should be plentiful time for a smooth transition.


3AC’s Alchemy clone is very useful, but the value of that project is enhanced the more decentralized it is from DXVote.

The existence of multiple front-ends for DXVote’s product will counterintuitively increase DXVote’s adoption, when the product is ready for that, because it gives other crypto orgs the confidence necessary to adopt.

The assurance that even if DXVote fails there’s still an alternative is valuable, but it’s more valuable the more decentralized the alternative is from DXVote. Probably you @3ac already had the above thought when you started 3AC, but now, understandably, the hassle has become too much to keep it separate.

As such, I suggest DXDao accept bids to run the Alchemy clone in an open bidding process, and accept the offer from the lowest qualified bidder, which could include 3AC.

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Thanks for letting us know of 3ac’s decision not to continue running the services. DXgov can take over the maintenance and costs of alchemy and the bot without issue. It should be simple to transfer the ownership of the vercel project and digital ocean droplet, if we can get access to the code that should also make any maintenance simple enough.

The DXD redemption work falls outside DXgov’s current responsibility. But since it’s not currently live I am sure DXdao can work out who will oversee the solution, run solvers, etc.

DXgov team will be in touch to coordinate the handover. Let us know who best to talk to about the technical handing over, current owners of accounts, etc.