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I’m a bit late here!

There are already two great threads from @powers here and @whatt4 here. I’ll be trying to keep things brief and avoid topics already explored in these threads. Personal abstractions! :slight_smile:


As someone initially vocally against Infinite and directly impacted by unclear ownership and task delegations, I figured I could offer an interesting insight into the event. I think despite the challenges along the way, the event was far more successful than anticipated and everyone participating did their unique part to make it a memorable experience. Some notes:

  • As someone slowly learning to build, participating as a hacker was a fantastic experience. VUE ended up wrecking me, as I’ve never used it before, but the experiences along the way and the opportunity to discuss challenges in a friendly and personal environment cannot be understated.
  • The travel grants and hacker houses provided an opportunity for less fortunate and new builders to participate in the event. Ended up being vital to the success of the event IMO!
  • Unfortunately, I had to handle a personal situation on the latter half of day 2 and throughout day 3. Although I was still hacking from my hotel, I wish I didn’t have to miss the afterparty and award ceremony! I heard great things.


For many DXdao contributors, this was their first Devcon experience (myself included!), and what an experience it was. The venue and general production quality of the event were definitely unmatched in our space, hosted in a massive open concept 6-story building (incl. hacker basement). Some notes:

  • Simply existing in an interconnected area at the time of the conference was a great opportunity to meet new people and make new connections. Even hiking up Monserrate had plenty of familiar faces!
  • Focusing on the Latam community appeared to have a positive effect, reminding us why we do what we do.
  • Non-tech roles, and namely marketing, remained a largely slept-upon track. The talks that did make it through came across as relatively base-level, or not operating with decentralization-first practices.
  • Wifi was abhorrent, and cellular data hardly reached the venue. Networking was challenging when searching for information or adding contacts isn’t possible.
  • ENS RFID cards felt like the natural evolution to the Lisbon “Egg game”. Really great networking tool, but definitely should have redirected to the Nimi page for each ENS.
  • A few good talks surrounding governance security and attack vectors emerged; very relevant to the current Exploit Disclosure - DXdao Governance discussions.


Something I said in person to many of you. “In my nearly two years at DXdao, this is the most excited I’ve been while contributing to DXdao and the healthiest I’ve felt participating.” This retreat just felt different. Some notes:

  • Although a variety of difficult discussions and ideas were shared throughout the retreat, the conversations remained almost unanimously healthy and constructive.
  • Almost, if not all, participants were able to recognize our issues and join the discussion towards possible solutions.
  • It felt like, possibly for the first time, contributors were able to speak their minds freely and openly.
  • Toxicity still exists but appears to have been massively reduced. Open time to speak together confirms to me that communication continues to be a problem.


Hopefully I kept this concise enough. I’ve been spending lots of time these last two days thinking about Phase 2 of DXdao’s restructuring, how we can ascertain a direction and push towards solutions to our greatest problems. I’ll be sharing that forum thread as early as later today and as late as tomorrow. All-in-all, having the opportunity to simply communicate face-to-face is incredibly understated in our work environment, and I believe the opportunity has set us down a path we have yet to travel before…

Thanks all!