0xKLOM.eth stipend for Paris and Bogota

Haven’t the slightest clue where the time has gone. General DXdao insanity has subtly hidden the fact that we will be in Paris very soon; too soon!

Thank you to the daisy chain of stipend request formats throughout the forums the last weeks, namely @international.blue, who copied his format from @whatt4. Now I take it a step further. :wink:

Below are the details for my DXParis & DXColombia Contributor Stipend request:

DXParis: 1 :fr:

  • Daily stipend - $300
  • Transportation - $1400
  • Accommodation - $800

DXParis Total: $2500

DXColombia: 3 :colombia:

  • Transportation - $1250
  • Daily stipend - $1125
  • Accommodation - $2300

DXColombia Total: $4675

(Daily stipend, visa, ticket, and covid testing to be claimed at a future date)

I will personally request these at separate times as Paris costs have already been incurred and Bogota is yet to be booked. Cheers!


Another good looking stipend request out in the wild!