0xKLOM.eth REP transfer proposals

0xKLOM.eth recently submitted two proposals on Ethereum Mainnet, seen here and here.

For whichever reason, the proposal text refuses to show in either DXvote or Alchemy. This DAOtalk thread is being put up to justify the call data and further confirm that the wallet/addresses are correct.

Burn Proposal

The first proposal burns REP on mainnet from the previous 0xKLOM.eth wallet. This proposal is found here. Not much to add other than the fact that this burns the exact amount of REP held by the wallet (0xa5a29f81eee450ec189b2f8b4562af1785595d69). This equated to 19194 REP.

Mint and Sync Proposal

The second proposal mints the REP that was burnt from the previous wallet, and syncs REP that was unsynced from previous contribution periods. The previous synced period can be found here.

REP burnt from previous wallet: 19194 REP
REP for 05/2021 to 07/2021 2/2: 5,349.03 REP
REP for 07/2021 to 09/2021 2/2: 4,456.52 REP
REP for 09/2021 to 11/2021 2/2: 5,595.61 REP

Total REP: 34,595.16 REP

This is all to be sent to the new 0xKLOM.eth wallet (0x91aef3c3b9bab2c306548269ff9b6771f2b107d8), which you can verify with the below Keybase hash or from the transfer of the 0xKLOM.eth ENS.

Other Governance Bases

Once the mainnet proposals start to move through governance (after verification), additional burn and sync proposals will be made on xDai and Arbitrum (potentially post-15% burn). Presumably to be submitted alongside 5 days until passage.

Obligatory Keybase verification

BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkOSyATJ CVWq99gbW09bswi qxYFk3QoSERvvIs krOESLGj8R55D5G d5WeuRRLzvRUpEF a4b6AvP3Mi8gXH7 eeAHlPoQm3XlFRL Zf41M32u4jyB4Mw jpdlvlReD269iVG rexuzVGZPFgdIxZ VgRzFWdor6Lzehw iP8HLkGi5GbHcqi taKC6uDmQm3ZVW4 Ah5uqRbRHr38Wmj wJXXmzIsJAUpRKt 1Fos3Mz3n8Dxvvh gThO2je03NYQqcj O23kUI2K89XCI2Q Gq4R8TlllfeKLyz hAw9WyWTbBg3kj8 xeVECqrjh74QnV9 3vJ5GamGJN6jmkO 2jlh74qighnUoat fJpZPHar6HJOP1o BNRkE0R9Xm9ABUb YKClZLiV5h0Pach 0vGu5vdH2zlO6EV adfchFcurXD5S5R RKNgn6Zx4mvFypV IlfuvWvO4xtlFZ0 u7Rr4tCWOkcCYCL UVwzDFESucnkgLY sueX131MABVfPXA F4EJkERbGai0gzm h1MaY47v3A5SAyp inqpENkBnqBYjH8 VZzc3AxjNF2145j 1VRHk5Raq1Y. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE.