0xKLOM.eth REP sync 2022/07/16

0xKLOM.eth will be submitting a REP sync proposal on mainnet shortly after this post goes live, blessed be single digit gwei!

Sync Proposal

This proposal mints the REP that was unsynced from previous contribution periods. The previous synced period can be found here, showing that the latest synced period was 09/2021 to 11/2021.

REP [11/2021 to 01/2022 2/2]: 5,831.39 REP
REP [01/2022 to 03/2022 2/2]: 5,845.32 REP
REP [03/2022 to 04/2022 2/2] : 5,896.92 REP
REP [05/2022 to 06/2022 2/2] : 6,233.28 REP

Total REP: 23,806.91 REP

This is all to be minted to the 0xKLOM.eth wallet (0x91aef3c3b9bab2c306548269ff9b6771f2b107d8), which was the account to submit the corresponding Gnosis Chain proposals.