0xKLOM.eth Contributor Proposal for 07/2022 to 08/2022

Time Frame: July 1st - August 31st.

Position: DXvoice coordinator, Community Leader, Internal Operations and Documentation


Last period was insanity; things have been moving incredibly quickly between SWPR farming, Infinite strategy, Carrot deployments, Swapr Expeditions and other marketing efforts, documentation, several landing pages and more. I could probably gush for hours on the multitude of recent initiatives and the overall increase in content quality as of late. Massive shoutout to my day-to-day operations team, @international.blue and @whatt4. You two have been massive value adds to the squad and represent a large reason our content and image have so drastically increased as of late.

To address the Time-Frame, I want to be transparent that I have been on a 40 workable day contractual cadence for some time. I think think that the 40 workable day//8 week contract period is stronger due to the flexibility it provides; transitioning to 40d resulted in quite a significant stress reduction considering the consistency of payments/working days giving more work-life flexibility, and lifted a lot of weight off surrounding accounting/taxes. Contributor Experience has stated that contributors should all get back to the original bi-monthly cadence, which this proposal has been submitted under, but I would highly suggest that it reconsider its stance, even if reductions to salary figures needed to accompany it. Would love to elaborate further on the next Contributor UX meetings!

Reflection on previous proposal:

In reflection of my previous proposal, May - June, what I think I did well includes:

  • Community Growth - The community has been growing at a respectable pace despite overarching market conditions. Community calls remain as the leading DXdao call for attendance, lots of new faces joining in on daily conversations through our community channels and more. Excited to continue bolstering these efforts.

  • Content Quality - Across the multitude of DXvoice initiatives, the quality level of our content has increased dramatically - of course, over the past year or so, but seemingly more-so within the previous months. Between articles, social media content, design, and everything in-between DXvoice is in an incredible condition. Coordinating the efforts of the squad has been a privilege.

What I think I could improve on:

  • Public Figure - I’ve spoken several times about wanting to project my personal voice and opinions outward more - but have yet to find a rhythm or audience that sticks. Repetition is key here; alongside general community efforts I aim to put myself out there more - even if only steps at a time. Someone needs to communicate the importance of decentralization.

  • SWPR Emissions Targets - Due to general insanity as of late, adjustments to individual pairs in the SWPR emissions schedule have gone by the wayside. This was rectified in the end of the period (prepared mid June for early July target) with some large adjustments to both Gnosis Chain and Arbitrum. Going forward, I will be leading discussions into the future of SWPR emissions and what it means for the protocol - as Swapr is nearing on completion of its first year of liq mining.


[65%] DXvoice Coordination and Execution

  • Lead DXdao’s “DXvoice” squad
    • Organize, run, and manage various initiatives including but not limited to squad calls, marketing processes, community calls, events, content coordination, etc…
    • Explore the potential for DXvoice to further become a more independent entity with its own goals. Content as a service? Etc…
    • Coordinate DXvoice multi-sig execution
      • Continue to monitor and input annual expenditure sheet
  • Keep third party representation of the DXdao brand consistent where possible
    • Coingecko, CMC, BF, articles, etc…
  • Continue to push announcements and other content in waves via socials
    • Encouraging third party involvement where feasible
  • Move forward as a public figure for the DXdao Community
  • Continue creation and curation of DXdao Discord servers and the related initiatives
    • Discord Quarterly REP boosts, Infinite Discord, etc
  • Elaborate on deadlines with Squad leads to cement strategy between DXvoice squad
    • Current running targets still include Jolt, Carrot V1 and Guilds.
  • Write, Edit, and format content including announcements, MIR, social threads, etc…
  • Continue to work alongside design to build out landing pages and other UX;
  • Continue to manage and automate inflow
    • User support, Bizdev opportunities, social media inflow, etc…
  • Further guide onboarding of new DXvoice contributors

[15%] Swapr and Carrot

  • Reflect and explore upon SWPR tokenomics
    • Identify and guide a potential SWPR tokenomics upgrade
  • Lead discussions surrounding the future of SWPR emissions, our options and what they mean for the protocol
  • Guide the creation and deployment of monthly Carrot campaign proposals and call data
  • Actively manage and refine SWPR emission strategy
  • Guide the creation and deployment of monthly SWPR emissions proposals and call data
  • Communicate with partner projects and prospective partners surrounding emission schedule
  • Help push any Carrot front-end changes including introduction of new campaigns

[5%] Contributor Experience

  • Continue to assist with the onboarding process
  • Help address contributor concerns, attend squad meetings
  • Guide community members through new Contributor Compensation Overhaul
  • Help maintain Open Positions document and Bounties, and export to DXdocs

[5%] DXdocs

  • Continue to lead the DXdocs effort . Github here.
    • Create and format associated text, run the project board and ensure relevant deadlines are met.
  • Coordinate documentation resources from all active DXdao products and squad

[5%] BizDev

  • Assist BizDev squad
    • Including DXventures, Swapr partnerships, etc…
  • Continue to cultivate Bizdev operations within DXdao social channels
    • Including Collaboratory channels and roles within Discord, Twitter outreach, etc.
  • Seek opportunities and present to BizDev squad/relevant community members
  • Manage inflow from community social channels surrounding bizdev opportunities
  • Become an “Ambassador” as needed

[5%] QA

  • Assist with QA on new releases/before new releases when needed

Work Experience:


The previous proposals reflected an adjustment to the updated contributor guidelines. My personal context can be found here.

  • Experience Level: 7
  • Full-time.
  • Month one.
    • $9,000 (xDai) + $81 (xDai).
    • $7,500 (DXD). Vested for 3 years.
    • 0.1667% REP.
  • Month two.
    • $9,000 (xDai) + $81 (xDai).
    • $7,500 (DXD). Vested for 3 years.
    • 0.1667% REP.

$81 accounts for the previously specified $36 monthly community tool costs (statbot, yagpdb, etc…), as well as $45 monthly expenditure of Discord boosts to attain level 2 (Better audio quality, banner, community server status, etc). Although these community costs are still small, I plan on transitioning them to the multi-chain DXvoice multi-sig once authorized.

The first proposal will request Month one’s xDai at the beginning of the period. The second proposal will request Month two’s xDai, and 0.3334% mainnet REP on GC at the end of the period. The second proposal will also specify owed % of mainnet REP, and owed DXD based on average price over the final month on Swapr provided it is above $523, otherwise $523 will be used.


Thank you for the shoutout @KeenanL! Appreciate it and thanks for always being available to teach. I must say that I am really feeling the DXvoice squad gelling more and more and I am excited to see where we can go from here. :rocket: